• Rigorous RFP competitive procurement.
  • Contracts with the strongest customer protections in the industry.
  • Tools and guidance to make informed buying decisions.

Electricity & Natural Gas Supply

Electricity & Natural Gas Supply

Helping nonprofits & public entities save money on their energy supply

We specialize in electricity and natural gas procurement for schools, hospitals, colleges, municipalities, and other nonprofits and public entities across Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

We leverage the collective strength of our 450-plus members to negotiate the best deal possible. Our programs provide you a custom solution for your energy needs, and PowerOptions supports you every step of the way–from procurement, to savings, to budget certainty, to strong contract protections.

What makes up our nonprofit electricity & natural gas programs?

Our electricity and natural gas programs have been designed around the needs of our members. Here’s what’s included:

  • Competitive RFP electricity & natural gas procurement – Our robust competitive procurement process results in multiple proposals from the largest suppliers in the region.
  • Guaranteed competitive price – Your price through PowerOptions is based on the day’s energy market and your organization’s particular load. And we verify and monitor suppliers’ prices for accuracy against negotiated pricing.
  • Protections against unexpected costs – A low price is only as good as the contract that protects it. Our pre-negotiated contract has the strongest customer protections in the market.
  • Pricing options that reflect your risk tolerance – These range from fixed all-in, to a layered buying approach, to wholesale market access.
  • Our “Market Watch” tool – The unique Market Watch tool allows you to watch and track your indicative price over time before making a decision, allowing you to lock-in at advantageous times.
  • Strike pricing – Set a strike price to automatically purchase when the price is right.


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Debbie Amaral, CEO

Initially we were looking to save money, but it turned out to be much more than that.

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Being a small nonprofit, we don’t have the staff and expertise to do what PowerOptions does.

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