• Comprehensive, cost-effective decarbonization roadmapping.
  • Energy dashboards for tracking usage, costs, and progress towards goals.
  • Advisory and reporting services for emissions compliance.

Energy Sustainability and Analytics

Energy Sustainability and Analytics

Develop & implement a comprehensive energy and sustainability strategy

The PowerOptions team has many decades of experience and includes experts in decarbonization, utilities, renewables, efficiency, data analytics, and competitive supply markets. With this kind of knowledge and expertise, we can advise you on how to develop and achieve meaningful sustainability goals, meet emissions compliance requirements cost-effectively, and leverage data to guide energy decisions.

Gain insights and reduce costs using the power of data

PowerOptions offers a data analytics platform called the Energy Intelligence Suite to provide Members with a sophisticated yet easy-to-use tool for managing utility bills and costs. This solution saves our Members time, reduces errors, and helps our Members save on their utility bills. This powerful platform includes the following capabilities: 

  • Data collection, validation, and standardization 
  • Document and invoice repository 
  • Audits invoices and provides bill status reporting 
  • Utility usage and cost disaggregation 
  • Portfolio benchmarking 
  • Normalization for weather and square footage 
  • Emissions calculation  
  • Automated bill outlier notifications 

To log onto our Energy Intelligence Suite, click here.  

If you are interested in onboarding your utility data to our EIS, please email our team here.  


If your organization needs extra capacity or expertise to meet your unique energy needs, our team of experts is here to help through our Energy360 offering. Energy360 provides a custom level of dedicated support to our Members in any of the following categories, available as part of your membership at a low cost.

  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Sustainability planning and reporting
  • Advanced commodity strategy
  • Utility bill error and cost mitigation
  • On-call support for urgent needs
  • Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know!

Why choose our sustainability and analytics services?

With PowerOptions you have access to consultant-quality expertise at an affordable cost, with an approach developed specifically for the needs of non-profits. Our service is flexible; choose one or all of the following offerings:

  • Inventory emissions – Calculate Scope 1 and 2 emissions, set a baseline year for measuring success. Estimate future energy usage changes to create a reference emissions scenario.
  • Develop your strategy – Design and execute a customized emissions reduction plan that meets your organization’s strategic goals while considers your risk tolerance and budget constraints.
  • Design implementation plan – Maximize low-cost decarbonization pathways. Benefit from PowerOptions’ many other programs to reach your sustainability goals.
  • Analyze performance – Benefit from our analytics platform to identify energy trends and cost savings opportunities. Leverage the power of the tool to monitor progress towards sustainability goals.
  • Compliance support – Receive tailored guidance for understanding compliance requirements and recommendations for lowest-cost compliance pathways.

How can we help you identify and reach all your energy goals?

Contact us today and speak with one of our energy management service provider experts. We’ll start with a free, no-obligation energy evaluation, to show your current state of energy and areas with the best opportunities.

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Develop & implement a comprehensive energy and sustainability strategy The PowerOptions team has many decades of experience and includes experts in decarbonization, utilities, renewables,[...]

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With guidance and support from PowerOptions’ professional staff, our annual savings have been equivalent to, at a minimum, the salary of our Associate Director of Facilities since we started using them in 1998 to present. PowerOptions staff is the key to making this happen.

Karen W. Jason, Vice President of Operations, Department of Facilities Management and Planning, Bridgewater State University

PowerOptions gives us the information to make smart energy purchase decisions. My focus is efficiency, and the ongoing market updates and industry information PowerOptions provides helps me to better understand the complex issues that affect the price and reliability of our energy supply.

Martha Grover, City of Melrose Energy Efficiency Manager
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