Energy Buying Guide For Nonprofits Ebook

The free step-by-step guide to energy buying best practices for your New England nonprofit.

What are the four steps every nonprofit needs to know to have a successful energy buying strategy?

If the somewhat surreal events of 2020 have a lesson to teach, it’s that agility is a key ingredient for success. Creating an energy strategy that is at once flexible and resilient can be challenging, but it’s a strategy you simply must have in place to succeed during these ever changing winds.This free ebook gives your nonprofit simple and clear steps to assess, plan, and secure an energy purchasing strategy that works for your unique needs. It also includes expert advice and tips from our experienced leadership team.

After Reading This Ebook You’ll be Able to

At PowerOptions, we believe in empowering nonprofits to achieve all of their energy goals, which is why we’ve developed this eBook to meet the energy buying needs of:

  • Higher education institutions
  • Housing authorities
  • Municipalities
  • Private schools
  • Public schools
  • Other nonprofits
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