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A strategic approach to energy management advances sustainability and climate action planning

With 190,000 residents, Rhode Island’s City of Providence combines the friendliness of a small town with the culture and sophistication of a big city. Boasting the most coffee shops per capita in the US, the city has been energized by a dramatic transformation over the last half century that has developed a thriving arts community and vibrant and diverse neighborhoods. And yet it remains a busy seaport, as a distribution point for oil, natural gas, lumber, steel, and chemicals. This backdrop of pulsing community life and industrial activity sets the stage for the city’s commitment to sustainable energy management and climate action.

It’s All About the Data

Providence has embarked on a comprehensive journey towards efficient energy use and sustainability, leveraging PowerOptions’ expertise and programs as part of that plan. This includes utilizing our Energy Intelligence Suite (EIS) for utility bill data management and analytics, consulting on electricity and natural gas purchasing, energy data analysis, and sustainability advisory services. But the introduction of EIS created the backbone for the city’s efforts, providing for effective data management and analysis to inform its approach to efficiency, decarbonization, and cost savings.

Providence selected our EIS system as part of a competitive procurement over several other options because of its user-friendly interface, wide range of features, and value. The system eliminates the cumbersome process of reviewing countless PDF invoices, thereby saving the city considerable time and effort. But the utility of EIS data extends beyond mere organization. PowerOptions is helping the city utilize this data to craft a sustainability action plan that strategically prioritizes initiatives by their impact, guiding Providence toward reaching its climate goals. This data-driven approach facilitates informed decision-making, ensuring efforts are directed where they can achieve the greatest benefit.

A Strategy for Savings

Energy purchasing strategies form another cornerstone of Providence’s sustainability endeavors. With electricity and natural gas supply, the city benefits from PowerOptions’ expertise in navigating the energy market. Weekly energy market updates allow Providence to track market movements over time and lock-in at favorable prices, reflecting a proactive approach to energy cost management. Moreover, PowerOptions’ advisory on solar procurement exemplifies the city›s commitment to renewable energy. Through detailed analysis, Providence is laying the groundwork for solar energy projects, aligning with broader environmental objectives. The collaboration between the City of Providence and PowerOptions illustrates the transformative power of strategic energy management and sustainability planning. By leveraging advanced data analytics, pursuing informed energy purchasing, and exploring renewable energy solutions, Providence is setting a benchmark for municipalities nationwide.

View of Rhode Island State House during a vibrant sunset. Located in Downtown Providence, Rhode Island, United States.

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David Ruggiero, Energy and Resiliency Initiatives Administrator

"Working with PowerOptions has been invaluable for the City of Providence. Their expertise in energy management and sustainability planning has not only allowed us to make informed decisions but also to prioritize and implement our actions effectively. PowerOptions’ guidance in energy purchasing and solar procurement, along with the insights gained from the Energy Intelligence Suite, have been instrumental in our efforts to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and advance our climate action goals."

David Ruggiero, Energy and Resiliency Initiatives Administrator City of Providence
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