• Electric vehicle chargers and placement analysis.
  • Fleet-wide analysis to optimize financial returns.
  • Finance mechanisms and managed procurement process.

Electric Transportation

Electric Transportation

Achieving your sustainability goals just got easier

We’ve made our EV charger program as accessible and affordable as possible for our members. As well as discounted pricing on EV chargers (EVCs) and related services, our team of energy experts assist you throughout the process, from siting and installation to configuration and operation. 

We work with you to estimate the cost of operating the stations and give you options on how to recover costs from station users. Our unique approach has helped hundreds of schools, hospitals, colleges, municipalities, and other organizations across Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island to install EVCs on their premises. 

PowerOptions also offers clean transportation advisory services and procurement of cleaner fleet vehicles. We provide members a roadmap to fleet electrification, with financing mechanisms and cost reductions through bulk purchasing.

What makes our electric vehicle programs different?

PowerOptions offers electric vehicle chargers and fleet options to nonprofits and public entities in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Here’s what’s included:

  • Discounted EVC prices – We use the buying power of our large membership to negotiate discounted prices for you.
  • Flexible equipment configurations – Our energy experts work with you to design the most appropriate placements and configuration for your equipment.
  • Personalized assistance throughout the process – We guide you through every step of the process, from planning, siting, and installation, to options on how to recover costs from station users. 
  • Bulk fleet purchasing – Pooling your fleet purchases with other members helps drive cost reductions.
  • Managed procurement process – We vet suppliers, negotiate contract requirements, offer financing mechanisms, and perform fleet-wide analysis to optimize operating costs.

How can PowerOptions save you time and money on your electric transportation needs?

Get in touch with us today to speak to one of our EV charger and electric transportation experts to find out how we can help make your plans a reality. 

We’ll walk you through all your options and determine the best strategy for your needs.

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James E. Benoit, CEM, Milton Academy

PowerOptions takes the guesswork out of energy procurement. Always the lowest price when I shop the numbers, and the contract language is clear.

James E. Benoit, CEM, Milton Academy
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