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Who We Are?

PowerOptions is a nonprofit energy buying consortium that delivers cost savings and predictability to nonprofits and the public sector in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. With more than 450 members, our collective strength yields optimal pricing and stability for our entire membership of organizations both large and small.

PowerOptions is a trusted advisor and resource responsible for managing the complexities of energy purchasing on behalf of our members. PowerOptions procures the most competitive energy contracts with the nation’s leading energy suppliers, bringing value and security to members through all of our energy platforms. We are mission-driven with a primary focus on cost and reliability, always concentrating on our members’ needs.

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PowerOptions is proud to be recognized as a women’s business enterprise.

Our Mission

Since 1998, PowerOptions’ mission is to provide comprehensive solutions to nonprofits’ energy needs. We save them time and money, so they can focus more resources on their own communities and constituents.

What We Offer

  • Competitive prices
  • Valuable insights
  • Market information
  • Customer advocacy
  • Protections against future cost increases
  • Peace of mind
  • Personalized customer service
  • No surprises and no hidden agendas

Who We Are

PowerOptions is the largest energy consortium in New England, with more than 450 members across Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, purchasing $200M in energy through our programs each year. All of our programs derive from a robust competitive RFP process, and we leverage the size of the consortium to negotiate extremely favorable contract terms and conditions.

PowerOptions delivers you savings and predictability on energy costs. Electricity and natural gas supply, solar power, energy efficiency and more—every program we offer provides the assurance of competitive pricing and industry-leading customer protections. Plus you get a team of energy experts available to address all of your energy questions.

You Benefit From

  • Advice and guidance on all of your energy needs.
  • Competitively procured energy supply for electricity and natural gas.
  • Programs for solar and other renewable options. 
  • Negotiated energy contracts focused on the customer’s interests. 
  • Ongoing meaningful communications, information and webinars on the energy market, new technologies, and industry changes that impact your costs.
Who we are
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