Energy Consortium Powers Wildlife Sanctuaries

By PowerOptions Team

Connecticut Audubon Society Signs with PowerOptions for Energy Savings

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – The Connecticut Audubon Society has signed on with PowerOptions, a nonprofit energy buying consortium with a mission to help nonprofits save money on electricity, putting the Society in position to have more resources to protect the state’s nature wildlife due to anticipated energy cost savings.

“We’re pleased to welcome the Connecticut Audubon Society as the newest addition to our growing membership,” said PowerOptions President and CEO Heather March Takle. “The Society is the perfect example of why we operate the way we do – securing competitive pricing and serving as an energy advisor so our nonprofit and government Members can focus their efforts and resources on their missions.”

With more than 450 Members across Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, PowerOptions has the leverage to negotiate beneficial pricing and terms, bringing their Members cost-savings and reliability. PowerOptions’ Members purchase approximately $200 million in energy annually through the electricity and natural gas programs.

“When we evaluated our electricity choices, PowerOptions had the lower price. They give us important cost savings and budget predictability,” said Patrick Comins, Executive Director of the Connecticut Audubon Society. “For us, any savings we achieve on energy costs enables us to put more resources toward our work of education and advocacy.”

PowerOptions was founded in 1998 to help nonprofits consolidate their energy-buying influence and has been expanding in Connecticut and Rhode Island since 2016. Today it is the largest energy buying group in New England.

“PowerOptions was the right choice for us for many reasons, and it certainly helped that they are a nonprofit themselves – there’s a natural trust there between like-minded, mission-driven organizations,” said Comins.

About PowerOptions

Established in 1998, PowerOptions is a nonprofit energy-buying consortium that delivers cost savings and predictability to nonprofits and the public sector in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. With more than 450 members, collective strength yields optimal pricing and stability for the entire membership of organizations both large and small. Any nonprofit or public entity is eligible to join PowerOptions and benefit from programs for electricity supply, natural gas supply, solar and electric vehicle charging stations. For more information, go to

About the Connecticut Audubon Society

The Connecticut Audubon Society conserves Connecticut’s environment through science-based education and advocacy focused on the state’s bird populations and habitats. Founded in 1898, the Connecticut Audubon Society operates nature facilities in Fairfield, Milford, Glastonbury, Pomfret, Hampton, and Sherman, a center in Old Lyme, and an EcoTravel office in Essex. Connecticut Audubon manages 20 wildlife sanctuaries encompassing almost 3,300 acres of open space in Connecticut, and educates over 100,000 children and adults annually. Connecticut Audubon is an independent organization, not affiliated with any national or governmental group. Connecticut Audubon Society’s scientists, educators, citizen scientists, and volunteers work to preserve birds and their environments in Connecticut. Our work includes sanctuary management, advocacy, environmental education and activities at our centers, scientific studies, and our annual Connecticut State of the Birds report.

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