It’s Time to Move Beyond Words

By PowerOptions Team

To our Members and our Community,

We know there are no words that can ever be enough, and there are no amount of posts or letters that will correct the wrongs. The time has come for actions that will bring true and lasting change. We cannot keep repeating this history, and we wish to bring more than just words to the fight.

So today, we will no longer be silent because we need you, the Members that we have made it our mission to serve, to know where we stand. Make no mistake, we stand in support of the black and brown communities and against the continued wrongs levied on them because of the color of their skin. We stand against the social injustices that persist generation after generation. We stand in support of our nation rising up to do more than just stand in support—but instead to demand change. We too will take action, and not just limit ourselves to rhetoric.

While we don’t have all the answers right now, here are some immediate real actions that we commit to today:

  1. Renewing and strengthening commitments, starting at our highest levels – we will diversify our Board.
  2. Offering opportunities to build and advance careers through our internship program and any hiring – we will seek candidates of color.
  3. Conducting honest self-reflection and learning with our employees through training and critical conversations that start immediately and continue.
  4. Evaluating our suppliers and vendors on their approach to diversity and inclusion.
  5. Dedicating our organization’s volunteer time in support of our Members whose missions serve communities of color and their inequities.
  6. Advocating and pushing policy aimed at ensuring access for communities of color to cheaper, cleaner, and reliable energy.
  7. Launching a diversity and racial justice committee of staff to further build and manage our long-term plan – ensuring this is not a flash in the pan.

To our membership of 470+ nonprofit and government organizations, many who are serving their communities and taking action against the cycle of poverty, racism and abuse—thank you. We will continue to support and empower you in your important missions. We would also like to engage with you to align our actions with yours and understand what more we could be doing – we will reach out through our Member outreach channels.

We understand fully that our words cannot be enough. But if they are the one drop that floods the streets, then we know it is paramount you hear our voice. More importantly, we will not stop at words—we will take concrete actions in our own organization and beyond.

– The Entire Staff at PowerOptions

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