Farewell and Parting Thoughts

By PowerOptions Team

As I wind down my last few days at PowerOptions, I first want to thank the members of PO for the opportunity to serve you these 10 plus years. It has been a great ride, starting with our separation from the Health and Educational Facilities Authority through to now, when we are regionally recognized as the premiere customer aggregation with our energy programs and policy work.  It’s the capstone of my 35 plus year career in the energy industry.

As I look to the future, particularly dealing with climate change, I am optimistic that we will find solutions, just as we have in the past, with strategies initiated around the clean air and water acts of the 80s, the start of alternative energy resource development with PURPA in 1978, the greater efficiencies achieved in conventional generation driven by competition in the wholesale market, technology advancement around load control, data and electrification, particularly in the transportation sector.

Former Energy Secretary Ernie Moniz has said that we will innovate our way through the climate change crisis. Just as we have innovated our way through all past crises in the energy industry and pursuit of environmental protection.  Being at the forefront of the development of energy efficiency in the late 80s, advancement of alternative sources of energy and being intimately involved in the restructuring of the electric industry in the mid-90s, I have learned that when well-intentioned smart people put their minds to it, they will solve problems for the greater good. In New England we have a long history of working together to solve problems. There is no reason why we cannot continue to do so.

I’m sure PowerOptions will continue to contribute to the effort by finding solutions and implementing strategies that help customers as well as the greater good. I wish my team and their new leader Heather March Takle all the best.

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