Solar: Hedging Against Rising Electricity Prices

Current energy market dynamics are impacting the economics of solar power. We are seeing Members’ electricity prices increase by as much as 50% or more, with no immediate relief in sight. Solar already provided solid savings against grid-delivered power. As electricity prices rise and the spread between solar and delivered power increases, solar can provide Members with even greater savings–and your solar price is fixed for 20 years. At this webinar, you will hear about:

– Current energy market dynamics, where the market is now, and how it impacts solar project economics.
– How new incentives from the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act are dovetailing with the energy market.
– How increases to the Investment Tax Credit are moving the needle on solar costs.
– How the new “Direct Pay” option can help tax-exempt organizations own their solar projects directly.

You will also hear specific examples of how Members are using solar to offset increasing energy prices.

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