Energy Funding Opportunities for Connecticut Municipalities

By PowerOptions Team

As a municipality, you cannot access the cost savings provided by energy tax credits in the way businesses and households can. However, there are several opportunities available to cities and towns, to help save money on energy or fund energy efficiency projects.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of currently available energy funding opportunities for municipalities in Connecticut. These are all active programs that may be able to help fund your efficiency or clean energy project and save on energy costs.

Clean Cities Coalition Network

Spearheaded by the US Department of Energy, the Clean Cities Coalition Network aims to inspire positive change through alternative fuel use and fuel-saving technologies in vehicles. 

In Connecticut, there are three Clean City coalitions:

Department of Energy

The federal Department of Energy States and Local Communities Office offers a host of programs, including:

Energize Connecticut (CT)

The Energize CT initiative helps nonprofits, municipalities, and all customers to save energy with rebates, financing and services for energy efficiency and clean energy improvements.

The initiative was set up through a partnership of the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, the Connecticut Green Bank, the State of Connecticut, and the local electric and gas utility companies.

One of the programs offered is the Clean Energy Communities Program. The program itself helps community leaders, residents, and local businesses in Connecticut set clean energy goals, and all but eight Connecticut municipalities are participating in the program.

The website also provides data on each of the participating municipalities on energy efficiency, energy usage and achievements through the program. It’s a great way to see what others have achieved and benchmark your own communities efforts.

Siting Clean Energy on Connecticut Brownfields

There may be opportunities for Connecticut municipalities, as well as private organizations, to build in areas that are or have been perceived to be polluted. These areas are known as brownfields.

State and federal funding may be available to those proposing clean and energy-efficient projects for these contaminated sites. Some of the Federal energy grants that are available under this program include:

  • Assessment Grants: funding for initial brownfield site assessment work, including environmental assessments and community consultation
  • Cleanup Grants: funding to complete cleanup and decontamination works
  • Area-wide Planning Pilot Program: funding to research, plan and develop strategies for regenerating specific areas
  • Technical Assistance, Training, and Research Grants: funding for organizations to conduct research, training and technical assistance to address brownfield challenges
  • State and Tribal Response Program Grants: non-competitive funding to establish state and tribal brownfield response programs

Here is a full list of the grants and programs available under this plan, as well as details on how to apply.

Sustainable CT

Sustainable CT is a voluntary certification program to recognize thriving and resilient Connecticut municipalities. It provides a wide-ranging menu of best practices, and municipalities can choose Sustainable CT actions, implement them, and earn points toward certification. Sustainable CT also provides opportunities for grant funding to help communities promote economic well-being and enhance equity,

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