Accessing New Federal Funding to Save with Solar

PowerOptions’ newest solar partner, Sunwealth, is a leading developer in the clean energy sector, with expertise to bring increased value for housing authorities, senior living, human service group homes, houses of worship, CDCs, and centers for performing arts.

Watch our webinar recording to hear how they will deliver savings to PowerOptions’ members with turnkey solar projects, as well as how new provisions of the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) can help you control your energy costs while advancing your sustainability initiatives. In this webinar, we’ve discussed:

  • The different solar business models and how they can save you money.
  • Details on new provisions of the increased ITC applicable to low-income communities, low-income residential buildings, energy communities, and other nonprofits.
  • How to determine which incentives would apply to your organization.
  • The process of evaluating and developing a solar project.
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