• Individualized competitive procurement for energy supply
  • Budget tracking and performance analysis
  • Implementation of energy optimization

Energy Management & Procurement

Energy Management & Procurement

Develop & implement a comprehensive energy and sustainability strategy

The PowerOptions team has many decades of experience and includes experts in the utilities, renewables, efficiency, data analytics, and competitive supply markets. With this kind of knowledge and expertise, we can advise you on any and all of your energy management needs.

Our approach focuses on your specific goals and needs, taking into account your challenges and pain points, to deliver a comprehensive roadmap to your organization’s energy future. Our team can then move forward with you on implementation, to whatever level is required.

Why choose our energy management services?

With PowerOptions you have the full focus of our entire team, combining our expertise to provide you with a holistic approach to purchasing, managing, tracking, analyzing, and saving energy.

  • Develop a strategy – Design and execute a customized plan that considers your risk tolerance and budget constraints.
  • Analyze Performance – Look at your usage and rates, normalize for weather conditions, gauge past performance, and inform future decisions.
  • Energy optimization – Integrate energy efficiency, demand management, and distributed generation, to improve your usage profile and lower costs. 
  • Sustainability planning – Maximize renewable and carbon reduction plans, to reach sustainability goals.
  • Audit and oversite – Ensure implementation of the strategy occurs seamlessly, ongoing billing audit to maintain supplier compliance.

How can we help you identify and reach all your energy goals?

Contact us today and speak with one of our energy management service provider experts. We’ll start with a free, no-obligation energy evaluation, to show your current state of energy and areas with the best opportunities.

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Martha Grover, City of Melrose Energy Efficiency Manager

PowerOptions gives us the information to make smart energy purchase decisions. My focus is efficiency, and the ongoing market updates and industry information PowerOptions provides helps me to better understand the complex issues that affect the price and reliability of our energy supply.

Martha Grover, City of Melrose Energy Efficiency Manager
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